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HavenHouse exists because every person deserves a healthy life, the best medical treatment possible and an affordable place to stay, even when treatment takes them away from home. St. Louis draws people worldwide for its excellence in medical care. Many patients and their families travel hundreds of miles to seek life-saving cures and treatments only St. Louis offers.

We opened our doors in 2005 with a mission to provide the comfort of home and community of support for patients and their families traveling to St. Louis for medical care. Since opening, HavenHouse has enabled 17,000 patients to access critically needed healthcare and 45,000 people to benefit from the family-centered 24/7 care that HavenHouse makes possible. Patients and families staying at HavenHouse are people of modest means who do not have the resources to pay for hotel rooms and restaurant meals. Many suffer the loss of income while away from home and work, but the greatest emotional toll comes with receiving an unwelcome diagnosis, undergoing critical surgery or cancer treatments, and awaiting and recovering from transplants.

HavenHouse eases the burden by providing a relaxing, home-like environment where patients and their families can retreat, be nourished and comforted by home-cooked meals, and have around-the-clock emotional support while they or their loved ones receive critical medical care. Families pay a small portion of the actual cost for their accommodations and some cannot afford to pay anything. The generosity of volunteers and donors make HavenHouse possible.

Every day we see the hope and heartache of families and their loves ones as they wait for medical cures and sometimes even miracles. We also see amazing people, with determination and resilience in the fight for their lives. Support for HavenHouse helps us serve over 3,000 patients each year, 8,100 individuals with family members. HavenHouse has earned a national reputation for service and care by receiving the Better Business Bureau Charity Seal each year since its inception; in 2011, HavenHouse was selected as a Ladue News Charity Award finalist and national finalist for highly revered Mutual of America Community Partnership Award Program.

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