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Anticipate The Unpredictable — Act Now

There are many situations where people have to deal with caring for another person and making important decisions on their behalf. It is expected that our elders will need additional care and support as they age. But when unexpected events occur that leave our loved ones unable to make decisions for themselves or when special needs children become adults, family members must step in to help. That is where we can help.

At the law firm of Sindel Noble, we provide skilled and experienced estate planning services. If you have questions about guardianship or conservatorship, we can help. We listen to our clients' needs and find options that serve them best.

Helping You Understand Your Options

Guardianship is the physical supervision and care of a person. Legal guardians might be required to care for the elderly, such as those suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia, in the event of an accident or illness that leaves a loved one incapacitated or to care for minor children if they lose their parents.

Conservatorship is the supervision over money and assets of such a person. Additionally, minors who recover damages due to the negligence of others often are in need of the appointment of a conservator, even if the parents are living. Both involve court supervision and at times, less flexibility to make decisions.

Our St. Louis attorneys advise clients to consider future possibilities now, rather than after something bad happens. By planning in advance, our lawyers will help you identify other, more flexible, alternatives.

The most common alternative is the durable power of attorney. While this does not solve the problem in all instances, it is a valuable estate planning tool. Again, this is something that must be planned for. A durable power of attorney must be completed when the person is still competent. Whatever your situation, we will work with you and your family to find the best possible solutions.

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