Lawyers Helping With Will Preparation In St. Louis

Even though most people know what a will is, they may not have one. Talking about and planning for one's death is not always comfortable. People tend to leave tough issues — getting a will or thinking about how their estate will be distributed — for another time in the future.

At Sindel Noble we stress the importance of planning for the future now.

We work regularly with clients who are starting a family and want to begin setting up funds and making provisions for the care of their children. We also work with those who are going on a trip and want to have peace of mind that things will be taken care of in the event of an emergency. For others, they have seen how wills and other estate planning tools can make a positive difference. We work with clients at all stages of all ages to design a plan that is right for them.

We Can Help Determine Which Type Of Will Is Right For You

Our St. Louis attorneys evaluate our clients' needs and their situations. Then we work to prepare wills that meet their future estate planning goals. Common types of wills we prepare include:

  • Simple wills — Basic documents that state where your assets go when you die
  • Wills with testamentary trusts — A trust is created by the will when the creator dies
  • Pour-over wills — These wills have specific provisions leaving all assets to a trust
  • Living wills — Essentially health care directives that give guidance for your future medical care

Addressing Estate Tax Issues

Estate tax is quickly becoming an important issue for many people to plan for. We can use wills and trusts to help our clients avoid estate taxes. Currently, the estate tax does not apply to most people because the exemption is $5 million; $10 million for a married couple.

However, if the current law expires without action from Congress, the law will, revert back to the previous version of the law that provided for only a $1 million exemption. This would certainly affect a large number of people.

We are closely following these developments and our lawyers will be ready to assist clients with amending their documents should the need arise.

Contact Us For Help With All Of Your Estate Planning Needs

For assistance with will drafting or other estate planning issues, turn to Sindel Noble. To schedule a free initial consultation, call our office at 314-282-8670, toll free at 866-489-5504 or contact us online. You can find our office easily from both I-70 and I-64 in Clayton, Missouri. We are 10 miles outside of downtown St. Louis and are near Washington University.