Child Custody Lawyers In St. Louis

Child custody is one of the most difficult issues to resolve during divorce. This can be hard, as parents deal with the reality that they cannot spend time with their children as they used to.

A lawyer can help make a tough situation better. At the law firm of Sindel Noble, our St. Louis child custody attorneys are well equipped to help parents find mutually beneficial solutions to splitting up the children. We represent all parents in St. Louis and throughout the surrounding areas.

Maintaining A Meaningful Relationship With Your Children

Despite what emotional turmoil you might be going through, your children should come first. That is the priority here at Sindel Noble. We firmly believe that both parents working together is the best way to reach custody agreements that put the children first. By working collaboratively, you will have more control over the outcome than if the court decides.

Here, we help parents address all of their custody concerns, including:

  • How much time each parent spends with their children
  • Who gets legal and physical custody
  • Parenting plans and all the details
  • School choices
  • Vacations

Helping Parents Understand The Types Of Available Custody

We also help clients understand the various types of custody available. Custody can be allocated using a combination of the following types:

  • Physical — Where and when the child resides
  • Legal — Who makes important decisions regarding the child
  • Joint — Parents share in care responsibilities or decision-making
  • Sole — One parent has care and decision-making rights

When parents work together for their child's best interests, all parties benefit. We encourage settlement and welcome the assistance of other family law professionals such as qualified court personnel and guardians ad litem. Above all, we want to help you preserve the valuable relationship you have with your children.

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