Modifying The Terms Of Your Divorce Agreement

Missouri family law acknowledges that family circumstances change. That is why divorced spouses or unmarried parents are able to file motions to modify court orders dealing with parenting plans, child support and spousal maintenance.

Why Modifications Are Necessary

At Sindel Noble, our St. Louis attorneys help clients seek or oppose modifications that affect their children and their finances. We represent men and women in matters that arise because of job loss, illness or disability, remarriage and relocation. The most common issues include:

  • Increased or decreased child support
  • Increased or decreased spousal maintenance
  • One parent relocating after remarriage or job change
  • One parent unable to fulfill parenting plans or visitation schedules because of illness or disability
  • One parent incarcerated or providing inappropriate surroundings for the children

Relocations — An Often-Disputed Issue

Relocation after divorce is among the most hotly contested modifications and requires both sensitivity and the ability to focus on the best interests of the children involved. Our St. Louis modifications attorneys are committed to helping parents either seek or oppose relocation by the other parent while remaining attentive to the welfare of the children.

Reducing Child Support — A Frequent Challenge

Some motions to modify are more challenging than others. For example, it is often difficult to reduce required child support payments because of job loss or other causes of reduced income. For issues such as these, it is important to have a lawyer who knows the criteria that the court hopes to see and how to present an effective argument for decreased child support.

Contact A St. Louis Family Law Attorney

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