Establishing Parental Rights Through Paternity

If you are a father seeking involvement in your child's life or a mother hoping to obtain child support, our St. Louis law firm can help. At Sindel Noble, our attorneys are highly knowledgeable about legal issues surrounding paternity. We also know that in some instances, questions about the paternity of a child can be sensitive. Our lawyers are compassionate and understanding as they seek the best outcome possible for our clients and their children in paternity matters.

Because paternity is a still-evolving field, it is important to have an attorney who is aware of recent legal decisions that affect the application of the law. It is also important to find a lawyer who focuses on the best interests of the children involved. Our St. Louis lawyers concentrate on the kids as they seek to resolve paternity disputes and are highly knowledgeable about all relevant law.

How To Establish Paternity

Paternity issues arise in numerous family situations. Under Missouri law, fathers must undertake a separate paternity action, called a parentage action, to be legally identified as the father of a particular child. To be named the father of a child born outside marriage, a father must take a simple paternity test that requires a check swab or have the mother agree to have the court declare a man to be the father. Our law firm refers clients to testing facilities when needed.

Reasons To Determine Who The Father Is

When paternity is established by either a paternity test or a court order, a father is eligible to obtain visitation/parenting time and custody. In addition, he can be held liable for child support — it is not necessary to be married and divorced to have this obligation. Our law firm helps fathers seek parental rights and helps mothers obtain child support. We have also helped fathers in paternity actions so that they are able to prevent a mother from moving away. Without a declaration of paternity, a father has no standing to object to a mother's relocation.

Contact A St. Louis Family Law Attorney

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